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SWGFL broadband upgrade 2014

Our latest broadband upgrade is now underway!  Approximately 15% of Primary and Special schools with a South West Grid for Learning connection have already been upgraded. Local BT telephone exchanges and schools' geographical location play a large part in the type of connection schools are set to receive. The vast majority of schools will see their provision increase by between 2 and 30 fold in speed terms.

BT openreach and RM engineers will be arranging suitable times with admin staff to attend site to install new telephone lines and equipment in and around the school. Wherever possible, access should be given freely so as not to delay the project. Schools' ICT have worked closely with the SWGFL and Schools' Forum to create an impressive upgrade and cost-saving plan for broadband to schools in the county. It is important delays are kept to a minimum so costly equipment can be decommisioned as soon as possible.

Schools broadband will continue to be funded from the LA level. Installations, engineering works and telephone line rentals relating to the upgrade will not be charged to indivdual schools.

If you have any general queries or concerns relating to your upgrade please don't hesitate to contact the mail Schools' ICT service desk.

Keep checking back on this article for updates.

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