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Schools ICT Support from September 2017

Email from Integra Schools  - 30 August 2017


Dear Head teacher, School Business Managers, Secretaries and Data Managers

Further to the decision and communication sent to you by B&NES Council at the end of the summer term 2017 explaining that the Schools ICT service (SICTS) would cease at the end of August and move to South Gloucestershire Local Authority, as service manager for Information Management Systems (IMS) support, I would like formally to welcome you to the Integra Schools IT and IMS support services starting on 1 September 2017. 

Integra schools is the trading arm of South Gloucestershire Council.

We are keen to ensure continuity of service at such a busy time of year and with that in mind, please find attached some brief supporting advice and guidance which we hope will provide simple and clear advice on the service and any changes:

1)      An introductory flyer about Integra schools (already send to schools and academies at the end of the summer term)

2)      A list of Frequently Asked Questions which hopefully answers any pressing queries you may have about on-going SIMS and ICT support

3)      Basic contact details for the IMS and ICT helpdesks to be used from Friday 1 September.  The IMS service desk number will provide support for any SIMS related matters and the ICT helpdesk with its e-mail contact will support administration ICT related issues where the school has purchased that service.  Print these for your notice board so that you have them to hand.

Maintained schools will not need to contact CAPITA SIMS about this change.
Academies will need to contact CAPITA SIMS and state the following in an e-mail as soon as you are able to in the new term.  Could you adopt the following form of words in any e-mail you send to CAPITA and it should come from the Business Manager or Head teacher in the school.

Dear SIMS Annual Entitlement team

From the 1 September 2017, support for all CAPITA SIMS products will change from the B&NES SICTS support team and transfer to the South Gloucestershire Local Authority IMS Support team.  To ensure continuity of support and availability of upgrades could you action this request with effect from that date.”

E-mail this to:


As the change to the new service is happening on 1 September, whilst we have been working hard over the summer to integrate all B&NES contact information into our systems and to ensure remote access support to schools and academies, please bear with us on Day 1 while we iron out any technical issues and work further on integration of systems.  We would ask that any SIMS related calls should come to the service desk before midday on Friday to allow us time in the afternoon to complete the required systems work.


We very much welcome the opportunity to support B&NES maintained schools, Academies and MATs.  As a service, we aim to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations as a SIMS/ICT support service.  You should be assured that the Service Level Agreement you signed up to in April 2017 with B&NES Council will be honoured and we hope, given the increased size of the team, its depth and range of experience and the increased training opportunities on offer, that you will find we are able to offer a resilient, timely and pro-active service that aims to get the most out of your SIMS and ICT investment.  As we move into the autumn and spring terms, we will be taking any opportunity that arises to come out to visit schools, provide ways to meet the team and review Integra school services with you.


In the meantime, should you have any pressing questions about the service and the transition arrangements then do not hesitate to contact me on my direct number below.

Please forward this e-mail to relevant colleagues in your school.



Gary Andrews

IMS Manager

Integra Schools

Integra is the trading arm of South Gloucestershire Council


Tel:       (01454 86) 8657

Fax:      (01454 86) 3102

Emergency contact only: 07779262405



IMS Team: (01454 86) 5300


South Gloucestershire Council .  Achieving excellence for our residents and their communities, ensuring South Gloucestershire continues to be a great place to live and work

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